School & Center For Children With Autism In New York

Daily Living Skills Center

Parents so often tell us about their child's difficulties in participating in basic everyday activities. Going to the grocery store, library and even daily housekeeping chores are activities that would change the lives of the families affected by autism.

Shema Kolainu's Daily Living Skills Center includes a mini supermarket, laundry center, kitchen, bedroom and gym. We use this room for teaching our students, training their parents, and increasing independence and community awareness. It is designed to help students master basic living skills and everyday activities by mimicking these events in a controlled setting.

At Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices, we strive to help out students reach their full potential for independence, productivity and inclusion in the community. Our Daily Living Skills Center makes a positive difference in educating our children in becoming more independent and community wise.

Snoezelen Room
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