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Autism Conferences

July 31st 2012 Partington Workshop, more information at this LINK Call for Posters! Present your research at this groundbreaking conference in a poster session! CLICK HERE for details Early Bird Registration for the August 1-2 2012 International Autism Conference ends … Continue reading
The Massachusetts House of Representatives took a landmark step in unanimously passing a bill that would offer solutions for addressing the needs of a growing number of children being diagnosed with autism. Firstly, the legislation would encourage educators to develop … Continue reading
SpeakAll! is an iPad therapy app that is specifically designed for children and adults who have little to no functional speech skills, especially in the area of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). The app allows them to acquire initial symbol vocabulary and learn the … Continue reading
Autism researchers and experts agree that treating children for autism is especially important when they are aged 3 years and younger. However, diagnosis for these younger ages tend to be tough. In fact, according to new government data, children are … Continue reading
Ari Ne?eman, An Inspiration Ari Ne?eman is the President of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and also serves on the National Council on Disability as appointed by President Obama. He strives to empower people with autism and sheds much needed … Continue reading
ICare4Autism International Autism Conference - New York City June 30 ? July 2, 2014 Hotel Pennsylvania Day 1 - Global Autism Workforce Initiative Dedicated to developing and promoting Autism Workforce Programs Day 2 - Scientific Advances, Novel Drug Development Efforts, and BioMedical Perspectives … Continue reading
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